dr-mark-k-emasThe founder of Emas Spine & Brain Specialists, Dr. Emas is a highly trained and qualified physician who specializes in treating spinal conditions from the cervical spine (neck) to the lumbosacral spine (low back). He is board certified in neurology and psychiatric care, and has been providing exceptional spinal and neurological care to patients in North Florida since 1995. Dr. Emas received his Doctorate of Medicine from Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia, Pa. He continued his neurology medical education with a Fellowship at Boston University Medical Center. In addition, he completed a Fellowship in neuromuscular disease and electrodiagnostic testing at Emory University Medical Center in Atlanta.

Dr. Emas served as Chief of Neurology at Memorial Medical Center in Jacksonville, Fla from 2005 to 2012. He also helped establish the Center’s accredited stroke program and served as medical director for several years. In addition, he is an active staff physician at many major hospitals throughout Jacksonville.

Dr. Emas is happily married and has two daughters. He enjoys participating in various sports and is an avid skier. Starting Fall 2012, he will be managing sports concussions for Bolles and Episcopal High School students. In his free time, you can find him at the Jacksonville Jaguars football game with friends and family. He supports several other community events and athletic organizations.

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