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Our Care Philosophy

We combine our clinical neurological skills with non-surgical orthopedics to provide a conservative approach to your healthcare, with particular emphasis on spinal problems and sports injuries. Although our care philosophy is to accurately diagnose and provide the least-invasive options for effectively treating your condition, we employ the latest technologies and medicine as part of your treatment plan.

Spinal problems can have a wide range of causes, but often they are due to a traumatic event, such as a motor vehicle accident or sports injury. Following these types of injuries, it is important to seek immediate medical attention from a physician who is specially trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of spinal or sports injuries. Failure to receive proper diagnosis and care can lead to more-serious damage.

Our practice is uniquely qualified because we use a systematic approach to accurately diagnose and treat your injury without the use of highly invasive procedures. We can help you recover faster and more fully.

Here’s what you can expect from our clinic

Caring and experienced staff focused on providing the best healthcare to every patient.

Proper diagnosis of your medical condition coupled with effective treatment without the need for highly invasive pain management procedures or surgery.

On-site neuro-diagnostic tests and musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnostics to properly diagnose and treat your injury. You can find complete information about these services under Services/Procedures.

Access to specialized and qualified facilities for medically necessary testing, such as MRI’s, through our preferred referral system.

Referrals, when necessary, to the most-qualified and experienced pain management or surgical physicians in our area to help you recover.

Detailed progress reports to all of your healthcare providers, so you can focus on recovery. We provide patient education on your injury or disease which can be accessed by going to our patient education link.

Hospital Affiliations

Memorial Medical Center
Dr. Emas was Chief of Neurology for eight years and was the Founder/Medical Director of the Accredited Stroke Program.

Other Hospitals
Dr. Emas is also courtesy staff at Baptist Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital.